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Genre Hopping 
  "Tisabel boasts an unprecedented skill set. He writes, arranges, sings, plays, and performs. Moving through the album it is clear that even if “GENRE HOPPING” is the only record, Tisabel ever makes, it will stand as a singular creative statement from a musician who knows precisely what he needs to say, musically."

 The Tony Isabel Story

   I was a professional musician living in Nashville Tennessee. When it became clear to me that Nashville wasn't going to offer the opportunities I was seeking, I moved to Los Angeles California.

   Came to LA and didn't know anybody. Did four gigs in 18 months. What saved me was cruise ships. My first ship I worked on for 18 months. Of which the last seven months I was the music director. 

   I always looked at working ships as being a stepping stone. Little did I realize back then there would be over a 20-year career working as Music Director. Although I am a jazz bassist at heart, I am also a vocalist, songwriter, producer/composer, audio technician as well as an experienced musical director. Yes I realize it’s a lot of hats to wear. They say “necessity is the mother of invention”. On ships, in my spare time I wrote, recorded and sometimes performed the music you hear on “Genre Hopping". Over the years I have developed varying musical taste. Which explains the wide diversity in the original compositions contained therein. Please enjoy my offering. There is something for everyone.


Over 30 different nationalities work together aboard a cruise ship. This is their story, all those who choose a life at sea.

Oh did I forget to mention I write music for Film /TV, Multimedia etc. I have composed music for a number of Projects through out the years.

Have a Listen to Film and TV REEL :-}

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